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We Believe True Performance Comes from Within

Do your constructions make use of today's latest zinc advancements?

Better Textile Components Are The Answer

 Fiber & Yarn Products, exclusive makers of ZinX™, mastered the process to infuse those components 

with performance through the power of zinc.

  • Longer-Lasting Freshness
  • Enhanced Moisture Management
  • Greater Capacity for Odor Control
  • Increased Potential for Stain Release 
  • Laundering Less Helps Save Valuable Resources

Comfort, Fit and Performance Working Together

We have been helping designers, manufacturers and brands improve hosiery, garments, apparel and bedding for over 35 years.

Let's build that next generation product together.

  • Offered as Spun or Continuous Filament Yarns  
  • Nylon (Polyamide) 
  • Polyester (PET)
  • Seamless, Circular / Whole Knit and Woven Applications
  • Stretch and Recovery Optimized Versions Available


Become part of the Go ZinX™ Movement. Help bring antimicrobial zinc benefits to your sports apparel and technical textiles.

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